With every season come new beauty trends which somehow encourage you to upgrade your makeup bag so that you can adopt them in the right ways. As for this year's fall, the makeup trends have a glam vibe, which lingers between colorful and dramatic. Here are the colors you need to adopt to scatter these vibes wherever you go.

The Warm Vibes of Fall

This season, transfer the warm vibes of fall to your face by adopting the copper color. Paint it on your eyelids day or night. Add a violet highlight on the inside corner of your eyes. For your lips, match with a berry-tinted lipstick.

The Graphic Vibes

This fall gives a major upgrade to the cat eye. The usual wing in the outer corner of the eye is accompanied by a graphic line along the crease, drawn with a liquid eyeliner. You can adopt the new trend with black or white liners.

The Colorful Vibes

Pastel, metallic and bold bright colors are in this fall. How to adopt them on your eyes? Use a colored pencil to define your upper lash line, bringing the edges out and slightly up. Do the same on the lower lash line starting from the outer corner and stopping right in the middle of the lash line.

The Dramatic Vibes

These vibes are transferred through the lips. Paint them with a bold plum or dark red lipstick, and make sure it is a matte.

Which vibes are your preferred ones?