Who doesn't love straight hair that looks stylish and pretty? Unfortunately, the tools we use to obtain sleek hair cause harm to the hair and dry it out with time. Heating tools are the worst of them, so how do we obtain straight hair without relying on them?

Without using heat, your hair won't be as straight as when you do, that's for sure. Yet, it will be straight and healthy with volume. Here are a few methods to have straight hair naturally.

- Let your hair air dry completely. As your hair dries, comb it every 5 minutes. Hold sections of your hair and pull them out to encourage them to straighten out.

- After you've washed your hair, and when it is still wet, comb it and divide it in the center. Comb the left portion of your hair towards the right, and there wrap it at the back of your head. Then do the same thing with the right portion, moving it towards the left, and wrapping it in the back. Let your hair air dry.

- When your hair is still damp, pull it into two ponytails. Secure the ponytails with loose soft elastics. Then, add elastics every inch down the ponytail in order to hold it together. Make sure the elastics are loose so they won't leave noticeable marks on your hair.

- Straightening masks can really help you here. Prepare a mask from milk and honey. Pour 1 cup of milk with 1 tablespoon of honey, and put the mixture on your hair for an hour.

Enjoy your hair straight and healthy!