Would you kiss or not kiss the guy on your first date? That's the question! If you are really worried about that first kiss, whether you should let it happen this quickly or not, read on its pros and cons and decide for yourself.

Pros of kiss on first date: When the guy approaches you and gives a sweet kiss on the lips, you know right away he likes you, a lot. He enjoyed his time with you, and would surely like to have a second date. You will both have anticipation for the next meeting. In addition to that, a kiss on the first date is not like he is inviting you to a hotel room. He respects you even though he felt like kissing you.

Cons of kiss on first date: You might be giving him signals that you are ready for more. He might think you’re into him physically, and would ask for more. Plus, you are after all kissing a stranger. Does he deserve your kiss? Is it safe to kiss him? These questions can be answered with time, so you might as well feel regretful you did it.

After reading the pros and cons, would you choose to kiss him on the first date? A true gentleman would accept a little kiss on the cheek, wouldn't he?