Women love gestures and gifts, that's for sure. Yet, women always prefer actions that say much more to them about men's care than material objects. They speak louder of their feelings, and that's why sweet actions are always welcomed with an open heart.

Here are ten things that women love men to do for them... things that are small and unexpected by men, yet they woo a woman with no doubt.

- Ask the woman in your life about her day; how everything went. She knows then you care to know about her little details.

- Open the door of the car for her. She'll always appreciate it when you make her feel like a lady.

- Hug her and kiss her for a long time.

- Listen to what she has to say. She loves to say much about her feelings and thoughts.

- Call her. Text messages are cool, yet a phone call is always appreciated.

- Tell her how nice she looks. She got dressed well to impress you. Show her she succeeded with that.

- Mention a little detail she previously told you about. She'll know you were listening well.

- Hold her hand. Affection is always revealed by this action.

- Send her some sweet texts. A poetic line perhaps.

- Say "I love you".

Do you agree that you love all these things from your man?