Relationships and dating are hard enough, so how will they be when there is breast cancer in the middle of everything? Theresa Back-Hugget tells about the struggles of dating and breast cancer. Theresa was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26. She was dating at that time, and her relationship with her boyfriend was getting more serious. Her partner stuck by her side at first and during which she had mastectomy. But afterwards, and when was undergoing chemotherapy, her boyfriend turned his back to her, got his things and left! Theresa couldn't perform physically at that time, and that was the main reason he left her.

Theresa was deeply bruised with what had happened. She cried a lot about dating, until she met someone special. She was really honest with him and told him all about her failed romance and struggles with breast cancer. That man later became her husband.

Theresa remembers all the nights she slept crying before she met her loved one. Breast cancer helped her realize what she needs in a partner. "I know I need someone who will be there if I get sick again and lose my hair, and I found that in my husband," says Theresa. "Being left alone in your darkest hour makes you appreciate the type of person who will stick by you."