Being friends with someone comes naturally after meeting with them and finding out that there are common interests between the two of you. Yet, becoming a great best friend needs some work. There are some things you need to do and some qualities you need to have so that you can really become someone's soul mate.

Respect. Start by respecting yourself, and then by respecting your friend. Know the values and boundaries that are important to you, and then you can learn about the values and boundaries that are important to your friend.

Being Yourself. You can never be best friends with someone who doesn't accept who you are. If you feel that you can be yourself, then you know you can do whatever you want with that person. Avoid being fake so that the other person knows you well and accepts you for who you are.

Trust and Loyalty. To be a good best friend, you need to trust the other person. At the same time, you need to make them feel that they can trust you as well. Don't keep secrets from one another, and understand that they might have other friends too. Trust that you're the most important friend of all. Be trustworthy yourself and don't go telling your friend's secrets. Keep your word with your friend and don't go gossiping about her.

Working Things Up. It is normal that two friends fight. When you don't agree with one another, don't say mean things, and apologize even if you're right. Don't leave the problem alone and try to solve things no matter what.

Spending Time Together. You are a great best friend when you spend time with your friend. Share great moments, laugh together, be sad together, stick up to one another.  

Do you believe you are a great best friend?