You had a fight with your bff, or perhaps you're mad at something she's done and you can't find the way to tell her. How do you confront your best friend? Here are 5 steps you need to make before you go with it.

First Step: Thinking About the Situation

Think about the thing you want to confront your friend with. Is it something she always does or is it a one-time thing? Take into consideration your friend's feelings and emotions. Remember, trying to find out what her intentions are is key, as she might have no idea she harmed you in any way.

Second Step: Considering to Let Go

Is it ok not to confront your best friend? How will this make you feel? It is true that having a difficult conversation with your friend is hard, yet you need to be honest with her.

Third Step: Preparing what you will say

You need to know the exact words you want your friend to hear. You don't want to stutter, and also you mustn't speak in a harmful way.

Fourth Step: Practicing

Yes, the fact that you want to confront someone really dear is exhausting, terrifying if you may say. Practice in front of the mirror so that you find it easier when your friend stands right in front of you.

Fifth Step: Having the Conversation

Consider the place where you will confront your friend. Let it be private. Be honest and be direct. Don't be angry as you speak, and make room for her to speak.

Have you ever confronted a friend?