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Discover the full range of Kotex products designed to help you feel fresh all day, every day.

Kotex is a feminine hygiene brand that was introduced to the public in the early 20’s. For over 90 years now, we’ve worked relentlessly to provide you with the perfect range of pads. Now, as designed by you, the new Kotex pad is made especially to answer all your needs for:

  • Faster absorption, providing a better protection during the day.
  • Comfort & protection together without any compromise.
  • New shape for a better fit, more comfort and less risk of leakage.
  • Cotton soft-like wings for a more comfortable feel around the thighs.

We keep our pads unscented to avoid using artificial fragrances, thus removing the need for chemical additions. We also integrated a dual-layer core that absorbs fluid quickly and locks it deep in the pad to help you stay dry at all times. And because personal hygiene does not stop at your private parts, we envelop all Kotex pads in a Pouch Wrap. It allows you to keep the pad clean before using it and to dispose of it when used in a clean and discreet fashion. Also available in fashionable LUX designs.

Kotex products as designed by you, give you trust, security and protection so you can stay confident and comfortable all day, any day.

Ultra White

Ultra Lux




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