Cecilia was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 24 years old. She has sure been through much, fighting the illness and trying to recover. Here's the story of Cecilia, and what she has to tell us about her experience.

In the summer of 2013, Cecilia found a lump in her breast, but didn't give it much attention, as she has had cysts before. Yet, after her gynecologist examined her, she was sent to a breast care center, just to find out after a few days that she was a 24 year old with breast cancer!

Cecilia felt really sad and terrified, because all she knew about cancer was that it was accompanied by death. Her dad had dies from brain tumor when he was 37. She was ready for mastectomy, and chose to take fat out her own belly to create a new boob. She didn't want implants. The recovery was painful, as she had to stay put for almost five days. She could not move well. All she did was watch movies on Netflix.

Cecilia decided to attend Northeastern University in Boston. After two weeks of surgery, she had a phone call from the breast surgeon, which informed her she had invasive cancer around the tumor. She had to visit an oncologist who recommended 12 treatments a week. The cancer she had was aggressive. Cecilia lost her hair, had acne, bloating, bone pain and exhaustion. Cecilia made it through the illness. She was cured!

"I'm here! Done with chemo", she says. “This whole thing has really opened my eyes and made me face my own mortality. But I know I will get through this and become even stronger. I insist on sharing my story as much as possible to let others know that they're not alone; that there are other young women in their 20s going through this; and that they, too, can be strong and survive. I share my story for others to read when they aren't feeling their strongest and are overwhelmed by the struggle. I share my story to remind myself that I can do this, I can get through this and I can look good doing so."