When you get a mammogram, you get a screening for your breasts to see whether or not there is something abnormal going on. You do not get cured from mammograms, but you can really benefit from it.

We all know that women are frequently advised to get routine mammograms in order to make sure that they don't have breast cancer, or to be able to detect it at an early stage. What are the true benefits of mammograms? We should understand them very well in order to believe that we shouldn't neglect this life-saving strategy.

The most important benefit of mammograms is that women who get routine mammograms can actually lower their risk of dying from breast cancer by nearly half. A senior researcher in the department of public health in Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Netherlands, says that mammography screening reduces breast cancer mortality. She also says that this routine screening lowers the chances of being diagnosed with an advanced cancer.

Finding breast cancers early with mammography has also meant that many more women being treated for breast cancer are able to keep their breasts. When caught early, localized cancers can be removed without resorting to breast removal (mastectomy).


So if you haven’t gotten a mammogram recently, put your mind at ease and get one!