Swimmers have great bodies, and there's a reason for it! Check out why swimming is the best sport to stay in shape.

Every sport expert will tell you that there are a thousand ways to be fit, but the best sport for it is definitely swimming. Going to the pool three to four times a week is fantastic for your body and your health.

It is the only sport that uses all your muscles in a single workout, as it makes you work to keep your body on the surface of the water and push forward through the water. The more elaborate your strokes are, the more you will use your muscles and feel sore afterwards.

Swimming also trains your body to use oxygen more efficiently, as your lung and heart functions are improved by lowering your resting heart and breath rate. Plus, if you’re swimming at a fast pace, your heart works harder and faster to generate more energy, which will force you to breathe more quickly and intensely.

It is a doctor-approved and recommended sport, because it’s the best way to deal with injuries. People who have back and knee problems for example, can swim as much as they want without feeling pain.

Last but not least, swimming is a soothing and meditative sport: the contact with water triggers fetus-related memories which are calming for the nerves, because the subconscious will link it to the feel-good vibes the baby received from his mother through water. Moreover, when you’re swimming laps, you have nothing to distract you from thinking about yourself and reflecting on your day.