One of our many new resolutions for 2015 is hitting the gym more often. With this new workout, we'll get fit in no time!

If you want to talk about a real workout, you need to be thinking in a week frame: If you’re really motivated to lose weight, you should exercise 5 to 6 days a week, and rest for one or two whole days. We’re not talking about military training every day, but your body needs to get accustomed to moving quite a lot in order to change its metabolism. So follow this routine and stick to your training plan to slim down!

Day 1: Body Toning
Warm up
-10 minutes walking
-20 minutes running
-5 minutes stretching

Core exercises

-50 jumping jacks
-50 crunches
-20 triceps dips
-20 squats
-20 lunges (each leg)
-70 Russian twists
-10 push-ups
-30 seconds plank
-20 lunge split jumps

5 Minutes stretching

Day 2: Sports Training
1 to 1 ½ hour of your favorite sport, whichever it is, just being part of a group that exercises will push your limits in order to keep up with them. Here’s a little list of our favorite sports:
-Yoga/ Pilates

Day 3: 45-minute workout

-10 minutes walking
-30 minutes running
-5 minutes stretching

Day 4: Cardio
-1 minute jump rope
-1 minute high knees
-1 minute butt kicks
-1 minute jumping jacks
-20 burpees
-10 minutes running

Repeat this routine 3 to 4 times, and alternate exercises: you can replace the burpees by 1 minute mountain climbers, then 10 push-ups and 10 triceps dips.

Day 5: 1 hour of your favorite sport

Day 6: Rest day

Day 7:45-minute workout
-10 minutes walking
-25 minutes running
-5 minutes stretching

Remember: Even if it is tiring and painful, you must continue your workout and avoid skipping more than once a week! You’ll be grateful once you see the results!