Many women feel self-conscious about their bodies and the beach season only makes it worse. It’s the time of the year when they have to bear it all, throw on their bathing suits and head to the beach. Here are some easy steps that will help you walk around gracefully and proudly this summer season.

Many make the big mistake of trying to lose weight quickly. Most fail at it, or gain it all back in a short period of time. Losing weight takes determination, planning and hard work.

Set your goals:
This is the most important part of losing weight. You need to be realistic about your body, your current weight and your ideal one. Once you’ve decided on your target weight, divide it into chunks. For example, if you’re looking to lose 15 kilos, divide it into fives. This way it will actually feel easier, and you’ll get an instant push every time you get to a new level.

Cut your calories intake:
This is the part that many of us dread. The trick here is to realize that you don’t need to starve yourself. By simply limiting your sugars and carbs intake, you will instantly lose weight. In other terms, if you’re used to having bread three times a day, try to limit it to once, preferably in the morning. The same applies to sugars. On the other hand, try to consume more fruits and vegetables. These will fill you up, and being low in calories, they will contribute greatly to your weight loss.

Workout and drink plenty of water:
Yes, you know it by now. No ideal body is ever reached without hard work. Training at least three times a week is mandatory. The best part is that working out keeps burning fat long after you are done with the session. This is not something that dieting alone can do for you. If you don’t have time to do so, simple steps will boost your body’s metabolism. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to close destinations instead of taking the car, and clean the house or do other errands that require you to be on your feet. Do so while drinking plenty of water, at least 8 glasses per day to stay hydrated.