Numerous young women link their body image to self-esteem. With peer pressure and social influence, they often tend to drift with the wave of wanting to look “thin” like models on TV or in magazines in order to feel confident and to have a sense of belonging.

We often see young girls dieting because they feel they look bad. They look bad when they compare themselves to their friends or to an influential role model. Their dieting is often done incorrectly and with the wrong purpose. As a result, bad eating behaviors arise, with tough constant dieting, excessive exercising and more; leading to yo-yo dieting, weight fluctuations and depression. In many cases this behavior turns into an eating disorder such as binge eating.

It’s very important for young women to love their body and never compare themselves to others; but above all, they should never link food & dieting to emotions. The purpose of dieting ought to be for a healthy living and not for image.

Maintaining a healthy well-being is essential for growth, as every individual requires specific amounts of nutrients during his young age. Changing eating habits might be challenging, but simple changes will make the difference. Here are a couple of smart tips that will make all the difference:

-Breakfast: Always start your day with a healthy breakfast. Young women who eat breakfast tend to weigh less.

-Eat regularly: Don’t skip meals to keep your metabolism boosted.

-Junk on occasions: Eat junk food occasionally, that way you’ll enjoy your outings without the guilt.

-Calcium & Iron boost: Young women need calcium as their risk of developing bone osteoporosis increases with age. On the other hand, young women lose a lot of iron during menstruation. So boost your intake by eating iron-rich foods such as lean red meat, chicken, lentils, spinach and iron-fortified cereals; and calcium-rich foods such as milk, cheese, almonds and broccoli. On a final note, by eating healthy you’ll be able to keep your body strong, energized, and well nourished. That in turn, will make you look good, feel good and satisfied.